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Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for a child to develop:
    - physically through gross and fine motor skills
    - emotionally through recognition of their own feelings and those of others
    - socially through encouragement of cooperative play with other children
    - intellectually through activities that stimulate such development

If a child is having difficulty displaying appropriate behavior, we will provide quiet time until he/she can cope.
We are concerned with the child's strong relationship with his or her family.  We encourage parents to visit the center during the day announced or not.  We welcome your suggestions, comments, questions, etc. concerning the care for your child.
With the number of hours your child will be in our care, we realize the impact we will have on his/her life.  We strive to make this a positive, loving and fulfilling experience for your child.

FOOD & FITNESS--------------------

We offer home made food on site prepared by the owners who are very fitness oriented. Wheat breads, whole grain pastas, fresh fruits & fresh vegetables. High protein meals are offered daily. We provide fitness indoor and outdoor. Not just being active but actual fitness. Your child gets to participate  in  fitness  and gets to be a part of making healthy choices, not just adults making the healthy choices for them.


Stretch-n-Grow is offered every friday.

Stretch-n-Grow is the world's largest network of children's fitness professionals who, each week, teach over one hundred thousand children in hundreds of cities across 15 countries to "Exercise and Eat What's Wise!"
Stretch-n-Grow offers EXERciting programs for kids starting as young as 18 months up to twelve years old. Each Stretch-n-Grow coach is a certified youth fitness specialist and has only one passion - to show our Stars an EXERciting time!


As a daycare provider we agree to:

    - Give your child loving care, consistent supervision and pleasant, stimulating activities.
    - Provide breakfast, lunch and PM snack.
    - Cooperate with parents on toilet training, guidance and other needs.
    - Inform parents in advance of field trips or any activity away from the daycare.
    - Keep you informed of your child's development and activities while in our care.
  As the parent(s) we/I agree to:
    - Inform you if the child(ren) cannot be brought in or picked up at the regular time or if the child(ren) will not be at the daycare that day.
    - Inform you if someone other than the child(ren)'s
      parent(s) will be picking up the child(ren).
    - Fill out health and information forms as requested.
    - Inform you of any change of address, telephone number or job of either parent.
    - Inform you at least two weeks in advance before removing the child(ren) from your care.
    - Keep the child at home if the child has a fever, diarrhea or other signs of communicable illness.

We provide care Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Please contact us if you will be bringing or picking up your child(ren) any earlier or later than usual.  A late fee of $5 per fifteen minutes will be assessed for late pickup after 6:00 PM
Parents are allowed 1 week of vacation per year for which they will pay no fee.  We would appreciate two weeks' notice of your child(ren)'s absence for vacation or any other reason.

Healthy Start Learning Center will be closed the following holidays:
    - New Year's Day
    - Memorial Day
    - Independence Day
    - Labor Day
    - Thanksgiving Day
- Christmas Day


The goal of discipline is to help children manage their own behavior.  To achieve this goal, children will be given a safe and stimulating environment with materials suited to their ages and abilities.  The children are expected to follow a few simple rules for their safety.  The two most important rules are:

1) We are kind and do not hurt each other physically or verbally.
2) We ask first before taking someone's things.
When guidance is needed we use positive techniques such as distraction, redirection and finally time outs.  We try to be as consistent as possible so the children will know what is expected of them.  Under no circumstances are the children spanked, shaken or otherwise harshly treated.  If a child continues to have a problem with appropriate behavior, removal from the daycare may be considered under a '3 strikes' rule to ensure the safety and welfare of this child and the other children.


We utilize the USDA food program.  We will provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.
Gum is not allowed at the daycare.

PICK UP--------------------

All persons picking up children must be authorized to do so in writing by the child(ren)'s parent(s).  Knowledge of your PIN or Photo ID will be required for pickup.

The child(ren) must be brought in the door and checked into our system via fingerprint/PIN. Children cannot check themselves in or out.

Transportation Provided to/from our daycare center upon approval of location. 

Referral bonus for you is $50.00 off for a week of child care.

Title XX Accepted



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